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Kevin Herig


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MatchboxKevin Herig
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"With a simple bass-line that pushes across the entire song like a wave in the ocean, Kevin Herig’s “Matchbox” is a hypnotizing rhythmic spell.​" 



Written By: Kevin Herig

Guitar/vocals - Kevin Herig

Drums - Greg Williams

Bass - Kyle Ruggles

Keys - Emmanuel Catanzariti

Recorded at Empty House Studio by Matthew Tobias |ABQ, NM

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering | Omaha, NE

WAV Download


Matchbox Live - Home Show


I couldn’t hear you; a loose truth in the wind

I’d never catch you floating by on a whim

I couldn’t see you through all the smoke

I’ve been at the bitter end of a heart that you broke


Your love is a thunderstorm but you are the calm

Holding tight, the wick to keep you warm.

It’s bound to burst your palm


I’ve never once won, at your double-dealing games

I’ve never doubted what you thought and what you said were the same


I never caught on, I never caught on to your underhanded jokes

I saw them look the other way, a crab clenched to their coats


Your love’s a delicate coup; a castle of cards

When you’ve got a joker and a short fuse, it’ll fall flat to the start.


I’ve been watching you; how you savor something good

But it grows stale over years of always waiting longer than you should

I tried to find you; you’d been gone for so long

Found something I never knew, it was me you were hiding from

Your love is a mountaintop and your crown is the sun

Reaching higher atop a matchbox,

it’ll burn your soul if you run.


You were hoping an angel’s haunt, but you got the ghost’s

Set a fire to what your heart wants;

dust off what you need most



“Singer-songwriter, Kevin Herig has a sound that musically makes you want to dance as often as they lyrically make you want to lounge in a velvet rocking chair and simply listen.”- Humbird

Kevin has been deeply rooted in the Albuquerque music scene since his debut in 2006 with his first band, Asper Kourt. With Kevin as the frontman, the band was chosen by and featured on as their, “The Needle in the Haystack," and was featured on The Food Network’s, “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” Kevin released his debut solo album, “Give It All Away,” in early 2014, an EP, “All You Can’t Control” in March of 2016, and most recently his second full-length LP, "Stubborn Heart" in December of 2018. His newest single "Barcelona" has reached a global audience, setting the stage for a large body of work to be released in late 2020.


Kevin is also the Founder and Director of Rock 101 New Mexico, a music program in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico that aims to educate and empower youth.

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