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Kevin Herig



“Singer-songwriter, Kevin Herig has a sound that musically makes you want to dance as often as they lyrically make you want to lounge in a velvet rocking chair and simply listen.”- Humbird


Written By: Kevin Herig

Guitar/Vocals/Keys - Kevin Herig

Drums - Heath Warren

Bass - Matthew Beston

Pedal Steel - Alex McMahon

B.G. Vox - Meredith Wilder

Recorded at Wall of Sound Studio by John Wall |ABQ, NM

Mastered by Jason Blum at Sigil Media | Burbank, CA

WAV Download


Studio Recording - Lost


You took the bait, now its reeling,  
Quick at the wink of an eye.  
Before you’re even done healing,  
you’ve gone and done it for a second time. 
You’re running further away from your past, 
but your ghosts hold on even tighter.    

The fire burns,  
Its sucking you in,  
But it wont keep you warm,  
its going to burn you from the inside. 

You lost your head  
the same way I’m losing mine.  
You choked out your last ounce of pride.  
Never again could you ever stand so tall.    
And you lost your heart.  
It seeped out through your eyes  
in the form of the tears that you cried,  
and now you’re standing in a pile of your own anger. You count my lies and I’ll count yours 
(its what we’ve always done before).  
You hold a few to the truth, keeping secrets from your heart (you only see what you’re looking for). 

We’ve all got a stain we’re hiding.  
We’ve all lost our way, man, we’re all the same.     The fire burns.  
Its sucking you in.  
But it wont keep you warm,  
its going to burn you from the inside. 


And you lost your soul.  
It fell right through the cracks.  
Even if you want you can’t get it back.  
It burned a hole through your palm,  
now it sits just past your fingers.     I hope you find yourself again. 

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