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Kevin Herig



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BarcelonaKevin Herig
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Mahogany Homework: Barcelona


Alex Rain Bird Music : Barcelona


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Spending time like cold hard cash

this world will nickel and dime you 

for all that you have

two steps behind

picking up all your tabs

We'll get so desperate for time

We'll trade everything we have

just spending time


But with you, im happy, spending mine


Stars in her eyes

clay from the heart of the earth

she puts out the good fruit

never weighs you worth

Yellow spanish frames

14th century pews

breaking the silence

laughing in a church with you

just losing our minds


But with you, im happy, losing mine

Barcelona mid-breath

empty allies and stoops

every soul in its own bed

no heavy hearts on the lose

every echo has faded

every candle burned down

you're breathing in while the city is slowly breathing out

like it had taken its last breath


but with you, im happy, taking mine



“Singer-songwriter, Kevin Herig has a sound that musically makes you want to dance as often as they lyrically make you want to lounge in a velvet rocking chair and simply listen.”- Humbird

Kevin has been deeply rooted in the Albuquerque music scene since his debut in 2006 with his first band, Asper Kourt. With Kevin as the frontman, the band was chosen by and featured on as their, “The Needle in the Haystack," and was featured on The Food Network’s, “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” Kevin released his debut solo album, “Give It All Away,” in early 2014, an EP, “All You Can’t Control” in March of 2016, and most recently his second full-length LP, "Stubborn Heart" in December of 2018. His newest single "Barcelona" has reached a global audience, setting the stage for a large body of work to be released in late 2020.


Kevin is also the Founder and Director of Rock 101 New Mexico, a music program in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico that aims to educate and empower youth.


 "Barcelona" remix by Memoryy

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